Welcome! We are the owners of Pen-y-bryn Lodge, a Category-One historic residence in the lovely seaside town of Oamaru, New Zealand, that offers luxury overnight accommodation and fine dining to guests from around the world. Before we moved here in 2010, we quite frankly had never heard of this town, but now that we have made it our home we have found that it has countless qualities that belie its size. Did you know that Oamaru was the port from which the fate of the Scott expedition to Antarctica was announced to the world? Or that it was the source of New Zealand’s first shipment of frozen lamb to Europe? Or that it’s New Zealand’s best-preserved colonial town? Or that it often stands in for Victorian London in films? Or that it’s the centre of the Steampunk movement (what, you don’t know what Steampunk is?? Look for a post on that in our pages!)?


2 Responses to About

  1. lkallmeyer says:

    Really enjoying reading your blog! I hope to visit one day, it sounds so lovely 🙂

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