So Much is New in Oamaru!

It has been ages since my last post–for which I can only offer humble apologies!–but there has been a lot going on in what has been, for us at least, the busiest tourist season in years. So, what’s new? Let’s see…

  1. The fifth annual Harbour Street Jazz and Blues Festival took place last weekend and was a smash by all accounts. There were dozens of performances all over the historic part of town, culminating in a roaring cabaret night at the Loan & Merc on Sunday evening. Looks like next year’s sixth annual event will be bigger still…jg-20170319-Canon EOS 5D Mark II-4571
  2. A new shop has opened in Thames Street offering e-bikes (bicycles with an electric motor) for hire, giving people an excellent means of exploring the beautiful area of Oamaru at a slower pace, and without straining too much to get up our numerous hills. (Interesting name, too…)17504291_495893237465452_148800448602357939_o
  3. The main street of the Oamaru Victorian Precinct, Harbour Street, is now pedestrian-only on weekends as part of a temporary experiment to see how such a closure to vehicles affects visitors, businesses on the street, and the general mood of Harbour Street. Council will look into the impact of the closure after the trial period and make a determination whether to continue it. Locals took the opportunity of the first day of the closure to have a mid-street picnic.16835927_1146118795511219_6214913412210122325_o
  4. A new bicycle park has opened in the Harbour area, in a previously unusable tract of land between the Loan and Mercantile building and the sea. Here kids can learn the skills of riding a bicycle in an environment that replicates actual roads, with traffic signs, roundabouts, and other road features. 17362476_1277862508948595_908295098570271697_n
  5. The Station Restaurant has changed hands, and is now known as Station Wok, serving up surprisingly authentic Chinese dishes. This is the first restaurant in Oamaru to offer cuisine reminiscent of what you can find in China, and was an immediate sensation to the town’s many Chinese visitors, and also to the discerning locals who were looking for something different. And, happily for us, they are open every day of the week!
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One Response to So Much is New in Oamaru!

  1. maggie6mae says:

    Well done! Good to see important events in our area without a lot of palaver!

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