Oamaru’s Pen-y-bryn Lodge on TV

14324183_1406850415998915_4123649520019824957_oThe popular hour-long Kiwi Living programme, hosted by Miriama Kamo, featured Oamaru’s luxury lodge, Pen-y-bryn, on last night’s episode. The show airs on TV One each Tuesday at 7:30pm, and showcases people, places and foods from around New Zealand. In the segment with Pen-y-bryn, Miriama visited with James and James, the lodge’s owners, exploring the historic mansion and learning a bit about what prompted two urbanites from far away in the United States to relocate to Oamaru. The episode is viewable in New Zealand on Kiwi Living’s on-demand service by clicking here, or if you are reading this from outside of New Zealand you can click here and download a copy of the segment to watch on your computer.

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One Response to Oamaru’s Pen-y-bryn Lodge on TV

  1. maggie6mae says:

    As a resident of Oamaru and also one who appreciates the beauties and people of this town, I have to applaud the professional quality of this program and particularly the one here at Pen-y-bryn. I cannot help reflecting on this Welsh name having just visited Wales and a name like “Bettys-y-Coed’ I remember the Bulleids who originally owned this house as a child but I don’t think we were ever invited into this most beautiful drawing room here!
    Now we can see that the work that the James’s have put into this beautiful home is appreciated by anyone who wants to stay here! They both have a vert modest personality but it is easy to see their skills in both the admirable gardens and also in the gourmet cuisine that James (1?) offers. Always the highest quality in food choice and also using the delicacies of North Otago of which there are many! Salmon, wild fare, lamb, greens, tomatoes, not to forget the delicious new potatoes, the Jersey Bennes, Whitestone Cheeses, and many other delectables that James wants to include!

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