Oamaru Recognised as Steampunk Capital

3000During this past autumn’s annual Steampunk Festival (to take place again in 2017 during 1-5 June) the celebrants decided to try for a Guinness World Record–most Steampunks gathered in a single place. The attempt was very popular, with many dozens of people cramming into the venue to be counted, and with three adjudicators assessing each and every one to make sure that they were indeed dressed in “full steam”. The records were forwarded to the Guinness people and word came back that we had not only beat the previous record (185 people, at the famed Comic-Con convention in the US) but beat it by a mile, with 228 Steampunks in attendance.

The Guardian newspaper has now caught on to Oamaru’s fame as the world capital of Steampunk with an article examining how our town came to such prominence so quickly. It’s well worth a read, even if your correspondent is not so sure that Oamaru was ever particularly “ordinary” or “humble”…

You can read the article by clicking here, and you can plan your visit to Oamaru for the next Steampunk festival by visiting our local tourism authority’s brand-new website, here.

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