A New Way to Experience Oamaru!

harb3As a coastal community, Oamaru has amazing views of the beautiful Pacific Ocean from many corners of the town, and the sight of the ever-changing colours of the water is something that many visitors remember long after their visit has come to an end. Now, those pristine waters of the ocean afford the chance to see Oamaru from a new perspective, as Oamaru Adventures is officially open for business, offering water-based tours of the harbour and coastline.

Nigel Ryburn has opened the business in the historic Red Sheds area of the harbour, just up the road from the Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony. Using sturdy kayaks and Canadian-style canoes that can seat as many as six people, he offers personalised tours that take his guests along the coast, giving them the chance to see our marine wildlife (including NZ fur seals, yellow-eyed and blue penguins, and countless other types of birds) from a unique angle.

You can find additional information on their website, www.oamaruadventures.nz, or at their Facebook page.

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