Oamaru is NZ’s Coolest!

We have long thought that Oamaru was just on the cusp of being discovered, and it seems that we were right–just a few years after moving here and setting up our lodge, we now find that not only has Air New Zealand posted the above video highlighting a (very small) selection of things to do during a holiday in the Oamaru area, but no less an authority than Lonely Planet have declared that Oamaru is “quite simply New Zealand’s coolest town” in their newly published New Zealand guide. In addition to that, they have included Oamaru as one of the “must sees” at the front of the book, and listed the Victorian Heritage Celebrations (held during the third week of November every year) as something to plan your trip to NZ around.

Lonely Planet and the video above mention Steampunk HQ as being especially worth visiting. What they don’t mention is that they have a newly opened “Infinity Portal”, which I had the pleasure of visiting yesterday, that is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. I don’t want to say anything more about it, though, since it’s the kind of thing best left to be a surprise for when you visit yourself! But suffice it to say, that it makes the $10 admission fee ($2 for kids) well worth it!

Oamaru has definitely started to make the “big time”. Our friends up the road in Queenstown had better start worrying!

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