Haunted Oamaru

Ghost in the Criterion HotelIt’s Halloween in Oamaru and the ghosts are out! While the storied streets and buildings of Oamaru are peaceful and calm most days and nights, on this night the town’s many spirits come alive and make their presence felt once more. That is, assuming you have a smartphone and have downloaded the app created by local photographer Derek Golding. Users can walk around the Historic Precinct and if they aim their phone’s camera in the right spot (there’s clues on where to look) you will see–and hear!–the mysterious and spooky ghosts. While the ghost tour kicked off on Halloween, it should be available on any evening (it requires low ambient light to work, so daytime viewing will not be possible), and plans are in place to add further ghosts as they are discovered.

Read more about the tour here, courtesy of the Oamaru Mail. 

Update: You can get more information about these tours at www.haunting.co.nz


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3 Responses to Haunted Oamaru

  1. Halloween was just a few days ago, but I’m still not over all the horror movies my husband made me watch, and this sounds like something that would be mindblowing and terrifying! I might just drag him with me to go do this- keep up the spirit of the season!

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