Oamaru’s Time Traveller’s Experience is Open!

For the last several weeks, there has been a hive of activity upstairs in the Woolstore Gallery on Tyne Street in Oamaru’s Historic Precinct. The results of all this work are now on view for all to see, and it’s an absolute marvel!

The Time Traveller’s Experience, as this marvel is called, offers visitors an opportunity to travel back in time. As you step through the entrance–which is a life-size replica of Doctor Who’s Tardis–you enter a world of nostalgia. The very large space is chock full of memorabilia from the great television shows and movies of the past several decades, bringing back memories of childhoods spent collecting, trading or pining for these treasures. There’s ray guns galore, classic arcade games, and even a Dalek. But the pièce de resistance is the time machine in the back, right from out of an HG Wells movie.

The collection is open for visitors on a daily basis, and is an easy way to spend hours wandering and exploring all the exhibits. It’s located at 1 Tyne Street, right at the beginning of the Historic Precinct.

image-1 image-2 image-3 image-4 image-5 image-6 image-7 image-8

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3 Responses to Oamaru’s Time Traveller’s Experience is Open!

  1. Diane says:

    This is SO Oamaru! Can’t wait to visit.

  2. Stephen says:

    Just been sent this link via facebook, I’m the owner of Time Travellers, we hope to be become a permanent fixture here in Oamaru with plenty of plans to further enhance the experience. With a shop under development over the coming months and other exhibits and sections coming up later in the year. I’m exhausted but still hard at it for the next few weeks. Good to see some “anticipattttttttion” over coming to visit. First of the visitors this week have enjoyed their experience and word has begun to get out. Thanks for the interest

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