Oamaru Cookbook Collection on “Eat Your Books”

Do you like cookbooks? A lot of people do, and if you like cookbooks, and have a lot of them, then you may run across a little problem–how to remember what cookbook has what recipes, and which one has an interesting-looking recipe for some obscure ingredient that you may have lying around.

Happily for people like us, there is a solution out there, a website called Eat Your Books that indexes cookbooks from all over the English-speaking world so that you can add books to your library and search through them. No longer will you have to recall which book in your collection had that amazing recipe for “Strawberry Pink-Peppercorn Ice Milk” or wonder what to do with the glut of kohlrabi from the garden, just enter your search terms in the site and you’ll find out that the ice cream was in “How to Cook Everything Vegetarian” by Mark Bittman, and that (if you’re us) you have 987 recipes for kohlrabi in your collection.

The site charges a modest membership fee to cover the costs of getting all these books indexed, but there is also an option to try it out for free, with a limited number of books allowed in your personal library. They also index cooking magazines and blogs, so all those recipes that pile up in your house can start to be used more regularly.

Speaking of blogs, Eat Your Books has one, and in it they have a regular feature about members and their cookbook collections. This month, the cookbooks of Oamaru’s own Pen-y-bryn Lodge are featured, with the story of how this sizeable library of more than 500 books (in several languages) has made its way around the world, from the USA to Hong Kong, London, Beijing and now Oamaru. You can read all about by clicking here.

Eat Your Books is a remarkable service for anyone with a love of cookbooks. Go check them out!

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