Oamaru is Sharpest!

New Zealand’s TV One’s Seven Sharp programme had a competition last week to select the country’s “sharpest town”. The competition was stiff, pitting five of the country’s most interesting, beautiful and charming towns against each other for this coveted title.

The other competitors were, in alphabetical order: Motueka, Ohakune, Okaihau and Te Anau, but when the votes were counted, Oamaru was the landslide winner, with nearly double the votes of the runner-up (Te Anau). As winners of this popular vote, Oamaru will now not only be the proud bearer of the title “New Zealand’s Sharpest Town”, but will be the site of a live broadcast of the Seven Sharp programme in August.

While we’re all very proud of Oamaru’s achievement, we’d also like to commend the other towns in the competition, each of which is still pretty darned sharp in our eyes!

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One Response to Oamaru is Sharpest!

  1. Margaret Munro says:

    The only think I would like to say is that with the other towns, it was the area they were promoting. Oamaru promoted its own town! If we started talking about the area, we would never stop!

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