Oamaru Hosts Second Annual “Oamerican” Car Show

Classic American cars preparing for their ‘promenade’ through Oamaru

While the mood of the Terra Nova commemorations was a bit sombre, remembering the loss of life connected with the exploration of Antarctica, a much more light-hearted celebration was taking place in other parts of town. The second annual “Oamerican Car Show” took place last week, bringing lovers of American cars from around the world to the Oamaru area to share their fondness for the output of Detroit.

While it’s possible on any day of the week to see classic cars parading around the streets of Oamaru (I do not know of any official statistics, but I’d wager that there is a larger proportion of vintage cars on Oamaru’s roads than anywhere else in New Zealand), it is unusual to see such a large number of American vintage cars. The spectacle of seeing these immaculately preserved automobiles driving past the classic façades of Oamaru is a photographer’s dream, and when you combine that with the willingness (even eagerness) of the cars’ owners to offer rides to anyone with an interest, you really have the makings of a great event for any lover of cars or of 20th century industrial art.

The third annual Oamerican Car Show will take place in mid-February 2014, so start planning your visit now!

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