Adventure Tours in Oamaru

Vertical Ventures2For many visitors, New Zealand is a mecca for adventure tourism, with people flocking to places like Queenstown to experience bungy jumping in its ancestral home (AJ Hackett started flinging people off the Kawarau Bridge in 1988, so this coming year is the 25th anniversary of the bungy-jumping craze that kicked off adventure tourism in New Zealand), or to go jet boating, or to do any of a number of other adrenaline-pumping and death-defying things.

But Queenstown is hardly alone in providing adrenaline junkies with the thrills they seek in New Zealand, and in fact Oamaru on the east coast between Dunedin and Christchurch, offers a wide range of activities that are sure to keep anyone with a sense of adventure more than satisfied.

Among the organisations that cater to thrill-seekers is Vertical Ventures, and their subsidiary Alps2Ocean Cycle Tours. Operating for several years now, they offer climbing expeditions to some of the area’s most beautiful natural wonders, including Elephant Rocks and the coastal cliffs along the Pacific Ocean, and now also offer a range of cycle tours, both of Oamaru itself together with the coastal hamlet of Kakanui,  to the more challenging and beautiful terrain of Danseys Pass, and even multi-day excursions along the new Alps2Ocean bike trail, covering 312km from Mt Cook to Oamaru Harbour. For the truly adventurous, they also offer helibiking tours, with guests travelling by helicopter to any of a number of destinations in the high country or Kakanui ranges, and then biking through some of the most stunning and remote countryside in New Zealand. Best of all, these excursions don’t all require experience or superhuman fitness (though some do!) so there is something for everyone.

Bookings for these activities can be made directly with the company, and contact information is to be found on their website.

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