Santa Comes to Oamaru

The annual Santa Parade was held in Oamaru this past Saturday (1 December) to kick off the holiday season in festive style. This parade has long been a highlight of the beginning of summer in this part of New Zealand, and has always drawn big crowds, but this year’s crowd (estimated at 7,000 people–more than half the population of the town itself) was especially large. And with so many new and interesting entrants in the parade itself, it almost seemed as if there were as many people in the parade as watching it!

Among the more unusual spectacles on display–and in Oamaru, it takes a bit of effort to be considered “more unusual”–were several vintage cars done up by the creative people at local sign making company Streeter Concepts along the lines of the  characters of the popular Pixar animated film, Cars. There was Mater the tow truck, Sarge the jeep, and Lightning McQueen the race car. There was also a Steampunk entry (naturally, since Oamaru is the Steampunk capital of NZ) and several Victorian entries (ditto, since Oamaru has the best preserved Victorian streetscape in NZ, and takes serious pride in its heritage). There was also a sheep shearing float, military vehicles, and the list just goes on and on. But rather than tell you about the floats, it’s probably best just to show them to you. So here’s a little gallery for you to see for yourself. Better still, why  not plan to come to Oamaru for the 2013 Santa Parade, set for Saturday, 30 November 2013?

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