New Greek Restaurant Opens in Oamaru

Oamaru has become known as a gourmet destination, what with it being home to two of the country’s most acclaimed restaurants (Fleur’s Place and Riverstone Kitchen), its best cheese maker (Whitestone Cheese), a gourmet luxury lodge (Pen-y-bryn) and the amazing wines of the Waitaki Valley just up the road. But Oamaru has also got an impressive range of ethnic eateries, providing a welcome opportunity to sample some more exotic flavours while in our town.

Stella’s Greek Restaurant

Among these is the new Greek restaurant, Stella’s, which opened recently. With a Greek chef in the kitchen and owned by a woman with roots in Crete, the restaurant produces excellent authentic Greek dishes, running the gamut from things that many people are familiar with to some less common–but no less appealing–items. And their Greek coffee is excellent, too! The restaurant is a bit hidden from view, located on Ribble Way, a tucked-away shopping area just off Thames Street between Ribble Street and Eden Street, though it’s well worth searching out.

Other exotic eateries in Oamaru include Bangkok Recipe (Thai), Midori (Japanese), Dilaan’s (Turkish), and Filadelfios (Pizza/Italian).


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