Unhiding Oamaru

The Oamaru Mail, Oamaru’s daily paper, has for the past two days had letters to the editor from visitors who stumbled upon Oamaru and felt compelled to write to the paper about their experience. The first one (in its entirety) read thus:

“We two retired architects have just completed a two-month tour of New Zealand and it has to be said that the highlight of our stay was, without doubt, our time in Oamaru.

“Our architectural background helped form this opinion with so many excellent buildings on display, but imagine our delight when, having followed a lot of cars up a road, we discovered Oamaru’s “hidden jewel in the crown” at the local boys’ high school.

“Set in immaculate grounds was the most stunning building, and tucked away around behind it, a chapel so beautiful it was such a shame we could not get inside for a look. The traffic we had followed was for a cricket match, which we stayed and watched and the high standards of grounds keeping extended out to the fields, too.

“The whole areas was so well presented.

“We rounded off our day with a trip to the penguin colony and were equally impressed. Well done, Oamaru.

“Alex and Roberta, Alberta, Canada”

Today’s letter was in a similar vein, though in that case the visitors were English residents of Sydney who ran into travellers on a visit to NZ last year who raved about their time in Oamaru for the Victorian Heritage Celebrations, and recommended that they come back for this year’s event, which they did. They had such a good time here that they plan to make it a regular occasion in the future.

Oamaru really is one of those places that woefully few people have heard of, but those who do come fall in love with. Why not come and see for yourself?

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