A New Oasis in Oamaru

The Victorian precinct of Oamaru is currently in the midst of a building boom of sorts, with numerous existing shops expanding, and several new ones moving in (and see our earlier post about the Criterion reopening under new management). Among the newcomers is eagerly-awaited Oasis Furniture, a fantastic emporium of antique Asian furniture, ephemera, and books that now occupies a former wool store on Harbour Street.

The owners of the business, Greg and Katy Waite, have moved to Oamaru to be closer to their daughter and grandchildren, relocating their former shop, Antiques on Main from Paeroa to the Oamaru historic precinct. At an opening gala on 9 November, the incredible array of goods for sale made a tremendous impression on the attendees, several of whom could not resist the urge to make a few of the new business’s first purchases. Among the items that caught my own eye were a pair of antique North Chinese rice bins, a few Indonesian batik stamps, and several beautiful pieces of porcelain. There are also countless books on Asia, New Zealand and seemingly everything else, which warrant further visits for a thorough exploration. So will resident “cavoodle” Ibu, a sweet-tempered Cavalier King Charles Spaniel-Poodle cross who can be found lounging in the shop on most days.

Oasis will be open seven days a week, starting on 10 November, and their website, www.oasisnz.com will soon be operational with loads of information about the goods available at the shop.

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