Exquisite Blooms

Just south of Oamaru in the hamlet of Waianakarua (pronounced “why-knack” in the local vernacular) is a small farm with a somewhat unusual crop. Exquisite Blooms is home to a peony farm that produces huge numbers of beautiful peonies for florists around the country and for local businesses, as well as selling rootstock for avid gardeners who’d like to grow their own.

Exquisite Blooms is open for visitors during the growing season, typically mid-November to mid-December, giving people an opportunity to view these beautiful flowers in their prime. And since the farm is also home to a nursery selling a varied range of perennials, visitors can also go home with other plants to nurture in their own gardens, or just enjoy the chance to peruse the assortment on view.

And Tina and John, the owners of Exquisite Blooms, also have a number of farm animals on site, from alpacas to sheep to pigs, along with a pair of guard Afghan hounds (whose bark serves as the property’s doorbell, since no visitor goes unbarked at), so it’s a great place to take children of any age who see New Zealand’s iconic sheep on the roads and have an urge to pet or feed one.

You can visit Exquisite Bloom’s website here.

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