World’s Best Whisky is in Oamaru

The southern part of the South Island of New Zealand was populated heavily by Scots in the early days of colonisation, which goes some way to explain why Dunedin got its name (it’s the Gaelic form of “Edinburgh”). Naturally, you cannot have an aglomeration of Scots without someone being a distiller, and it wasn’t long before whisky was being produced in New Zealand. Not many people are familiar with New Zealand whisky, which is a real shame, since at the Mid-West Whiskey Olympics in Michigan, two whiskies from the New Zealand Whisky Collection, a Dunedin-based distillery, which matures its whiskies here in Oamaru, were declared the world’s best!

Here’s what New Zealand Whisky Collection’s Greg Ramsay had to say about the award:

“For the Dunedin Doublewood and South Island Single Malt to beat some of the best whiskies in the world in this competition is testament to their pure, premium ingredients and the craftsmanship with which they were made,” Mr Ramsay said.

New Zealand Whisky Company whiskies are available for sale and sampling in the Oamaru Historic Precinct.

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