August Penguin Arrivals

August is the last month of winter here in New Zealand, and this year it was marked by several weeks of rainy weather combined with nighttime and morning fog. Turns out that the little blue penguins prefer to avoid the rain just like humans, and thus stay at sea rather than come to their nests when the weather is inclement. But they do have to come home sometime, since August is the time that they build and repair their nests in preparation for egg laying, which began in the last weeks of the month.

The Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony has now opened a second seating area for the evening viewing, offering 60 seats in a corner of the colony that affords even better viewing of the penguins as they make their way to their nests. Evening viewing in early September starts at 6:15pm, but will become progressively later as the days lengthen.

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