Oamaru Farmers’ Market One Year Anniversary

It’s hard to believe, but the one-year anniversary of the Oamaru Farmers’ Market is just around the corner! The market opened on 11 September 2011, drawing an unprecedented crowd of several thousands to the Oamaru Historic Precinct to sample the fruits, vegetables and meats of the inaugural stallholders. Now, nearly a year later, the number of stalls has expanded to include cupcake bakers (whose stand has been so successful, she now has a storefront shop about to open in Oamaru’s Arun Street!), sauce and jam makers, and several hot food vendors.

The market was initially intended to stay open only during the summer months (September through April) but demand was so intense that the decision was made to keep the market going year-round, though for the cooler part of the year the market moved indoors to the Loan & Merc building in Harbour Street.

On 2 September the market will move back outdoors to its usual spot on the corner of Wansbeck and Tyne Streets, with all the usual vendors, plus special activities to mark the return of spring. If you’re interested in fresh, local food, you won’t want to miss it!

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