Murder Mystery Dinner

Pen-y-bryn Lodge, the largest single-level timber residence in Australasia, with 123 years of history, seems the ideal place to organise a murder mystery evening. Last night, on an evening punctuated with the (rare for Oamaru) sound of a thunderstorm, a group of ten came for the first running of a Victorian-themed night of secrets, intrigue and murder most foul!

The guests were sent their character kits a few weeks before the event, giving them time not just to learn about their characters, but also to put together a suitable costume to help enhance the mood. Everyone remained in character throughout the evening, and got really into the spirit of the occasion. As they arrived at the lodge the guests were given their character’s props (if they did not already have it), along with a purse of cash that they could use to buy information from the other guests as part of the game.

After giving everyone a brief welcome and giving them a welcoming glass of champagne, the game was afoot, with the guests making beelines for the guest about whom they already knew one secret from their character kits, and then mingling with the others to glean what information they could from them before proceeding to the dining room for dinner.

Throughout the meal, which was designed to be in keeping with the mood of the evening, featuring roast beef with “blood-red” sauce, “hacked” Brussels sprouts and “bludgeoned” potatoes, the guests busied themselves finding out information about each other, some even making things up as the mood struck them to sow some confusion among their competitors.

With dinner over, the guests retired to the billiard room, where they enjoyed post-dinner drinks while they continued the game, with pairs being summoned out to fill out their ballots for such things as “best dressed”, “best player”, and “character I’d most like to kill”. Then suddenly there was a blood-curdling scream, and the murderer struck!!

Rather than tell you what happened next, and possibly ruin the experience for others, contact Pen-y-bryn Lodge to find out when the next murder is scheduled to take place! There will also be a Steampunk murder mystery scheduled during Oamaru’s Steampunk Festival in early June, which is sure to add a further wrinkle to the fun!

Here’s some photos from the evening to give you a taste of the fun that everyone had:

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