High Above Oamaru

The Oamaru area is an incredibly beautiful area from the ground, with stunning architecture, rolling green hills and pristine seashore. But it really comes into its own when viewed from above, giving you a vista over the Waitaki River and the surrounding countryside. The North Otago Aero Club, operating out of the Oamaru airport just north of town, offers a range of flights that will give you a birds-eye view of this wonderful area. Whether you’re interested in just an overview of the town itself, or a tour including the Moeraki boulders (which really look amazing from the sky) or the Kakanui ranges, or even something a bit further afield, like a visit to Mt Cook or the Milford Sound (crossing the Southern Alps by plane is a treat that everyone should enjoy at least once!), NOAC can arrange it for you.

NOAC uses the reliable Cessna 172 as its aircraft, and offer something that no other operator does; since NOAC is a registered flight school, they can offer their guests a hands-on flight experience! Ever wished you could fly but never got around to taking classes? NOAC offers you the chance to try it out, and having done this myself, I can attest to the thrill of taking control of the plane, and the comfort of knowing that you cannot screw up too bad, since Sven or one of his fellow pilot-trainers is right next to you.

And if you’re a traveller who wants to minimise your driving time in New Zealand, NOAC can offer charter flights to any town in New Zealand from Oamaru!

Check out NOAC’s photos from some of their flights here.

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