Oamaru on Top 25 Destinations for 2012 List

Cuisine Magazine, one of the world’s great cooking magazines, published a list compiled by Amanda Hyde of the hippest travel destinations for 2012. Dartmoor, England, made the top spot on the list, with places in Fiji, Cambodia and Sri Lanka not far behind. But guess what town is number 23 on the list? Yes, it’s Oamaru! To quote the article:

Want your holiday to come with spectacular scenery, good food, top wine and cute penguins? Head to New Zealand’s Waitaki Valley. Oamaru’s beautiful historic stone buildings will transport you back several centuries – complete the illusion with morning tea at Annie’s Victorian Tea Rooms, where you’ll be served leaf tea and homemade cakes by staff dressed in period costume. Steampunk HQ continues the historic vibe – through art, music, film and machines, it imagines a world where steam power is king. The region is also home to the renowned Riverstone Kitchen, Fleurs Place and The Loan & Merc, as well as a host of vineyards and, of course, the blue penguin colony.

Cuisine reaches hundreds of thousands of readers, so this is incredible exposure for our little corner of New Zealand, and we are pleased as punch to be in such good company!

If you’d like to read the whole article, it’s online here.

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